Fast Track Intensive Driving Lessons

Fast Track Intensive Driving Lessons - Prices

Option One
25 hours training including tests: £645
(For those who have had a few hours lessons without manoeuvres)

Option Two
20 Hours training including tests: £535
(Have you had a few lessons and done all the manoeuvres once?)

Option Three
15 Hours training including tests: £425
(For those who have had more than 10 hours training, with all the manoeuvres)

Option Four
10 Hours training including tests: £315
(Had more than fifteen hours training? then this is the one for you)

Option Five
5 Hours training, same day course: £110
(Got your test booked? Failed recently? This has got to be the one for you! This option does not include the cost of the driving test)

Our 'GUARANTEED' Pass Course

The course includes 48 hours in car training on a one to one basis, 3 theory tests, 4 practical tests and 1 hour working with a friend or member of your family who you can practice with.

The total cost of the course is: £1450

PLUS, if you pass your driving test at the first attempt, we will give you

£200 cashback.

Terms and Conditions
The client must undertake sufficient training as advised by the instructor in order to reach the required standard for the official practical driving test